Saturday, January 5, 2019

Our Third International Round Robin


Lori, Desley, Bronwyn and I are doing another Round Robin, its been over 2 years since we finished our last one. We call it our International Round Robin because Desley and Bronwyn live in Australia.   If you have not seen my previous post on our projects here is the reveal of our first and second one.   This time Lori and I have created the instructions and the basic outline this time is every two months we reveal the block theme and participants have to make 4 identical 12 1/2” blocks, (one for each of us) using that theme.   So in November the block theme was Log Cabin/Log Cabin Variation and on January 1, 2019 we revealed our blocks to each other by email.  Oh and I forget the best part…we all have to have a piece of the same focus fabric in all the blocks.  It took Lori and I forever to find the right fabric, even bought 6 metres of another fabric but changed our minds!   Above is a picture of the fabric everyone has, it is called Gigi by Adornit Girls.  It has a lot of colours to pull from so you never know what colours each person will be drawn to each round!

Here is my block with the focus fabric in the centre of the log cabin blocks.  I found modern bright fabrics to go with a scrappy light beige backgrounds.


Lori made a very similar block ( I almost added the curved center to mine but that little voice in my head said someone else might do that).


Desley and Bronwyn are both very good at thinking outside the box!  Here is Desley’s block and I love how she played with the fabrics to create this look!


And here is Bronwyn's block and she used the focus for her background on her Log Cabin Variation.


Our theme for January/February is Dresden Plates!


  1. Beautiful fabric, I would be telling myself it's OK to cut it up. Love the variations.

  2. Beautiful every one! Can't wait to see more to come!!!

  3. I love the focus fabric and can't wait to see all the great finished quilts.

  4. Thank you for the quilt show! I do feel like I have just been to one. Some really beautiful quilts here!