Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mineral Matrix Quilted

I finished quilting my Mineral Matrix quilt this a week and hand stitched the binding on yesterday!  I quilted it with Continuous Curves, loops, feathers, swirls and just a small amount of SID around each block and between the borders.  I just love the colours of the Tonga batik fabrics in this quilt and the sashing design is so unique!  

I used three colours of So Fine thread, Blue #434, Green # 511 and Brown # 466.  I used a beige Bottom Line thread in the bobbin for the whole quilt top.  I used the green thread on the blocks and sashing which saved a lot of time during the quilting process and I really like how it looks. I use to shy away from darker threads on lighter fabrics but I’m getting braver with bolder thread choices.

I painted my bedroom walls a soft sage green last month to match the quilt.  I’m hoping to get a new bedroom set in the next year or two as I have been slowly eliminating the oak wood out of my home.

Love how the back looks with the one thread colour and I used Quilters Dream Blend batting.

I quilted swirls in the inner border, feathers in the blue border and Echo Curves using the 20” Quilted Pineapple curved Template.  I have a tutorial on how to do the curved border design here.

Quilting shows up so well on the back!

So happy to have it on my bed now and the 104’ square sized fits my Queen size bed perfectly!



  1. It's lovely - even my husband said "Wow!"
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Kathy: This turned out beautifully! Love those colours and the quilting! Enjoy!


  3. Very pretty! That's a quilt that keeps calling to me, although I have so many, many UFOs that I've successfully restricted myself from it. Here it goes, calling again. heh! I love how you quilted it. Pretty paint color to match, too. What are you changing your furniture to? I'd love a new bedroom suit, too.

  4. Superb, Kathy!! Kinda nice to do one that you to actually keep, heh?1? Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. It's beautiful! Love the quilting that you did on it.

  6. Beautiful! Both the quilt and the quilting are superb!

  7. Can I buy the pattern to this? It's beautiful! I am 84 years old and want to make one more quilt. I would like it to be this! Thanks

    1. Pattern is by A Wing and a Prayer. I'm sure it is on their website.

    2. Thank you. I will check it out.