Friday, July 17, 2020

More Comet Photos

We have had a couple of clear night skies to get out and take more pictures of the comet.  A few nights ago I focused on getting a close up shot and got this image above.
Then Tim and I went for a drive last night and captured the following images using my wide angle lens. I was in search of more scenic locations but close to home. Started at the old Barwick Train Station to use that outline as a foreground. This was just at sunset so the sky was still very blue.

Next we stopped at a large barn.

When I looked at this image closer on my computer I was happy to discover I could make out the thin blue plasma tail the comet gives off beside the larger dust tail.  I adjusted the exposure to make it more visible in the next photo.

This was another barn closer to midnight when the sky was completely dark.

I then turned my camera to the Milky Way as it was so visible last night along with Jupiter and Saturn shining so bright.  The towns lights are visible along the horizon in this next shot so we then drove to another spot.

Our last stop was along the Rainy River right in Emo looking south,  lots of street lights to light up the foreground.  This was my favorite shot of the night. Since we have moved here I kept thinking I should come to the waterfront to get some night shots, glad the comet got me out to capture this image.

Hope to find a few more locations for taking comet photos in the next couple of weeks.


  1. I like the one with a dark blue sky, they are all amazing.

  2. Indeed they are all amazing! Thanks again for sharing! ---"Love"

  3. Beautiful shots....tks for sharing!

  4. gorgeous shots! thanks for sharing

  5. Fantastic photos! Thank you. I'll have to check...I didn't think Neowise was visible for us here in WV but perhaps it is. I live in the boonies so I won't have to worry about peripheral lighting from towns. If I can't see it at least I've got your gorgeous photos. It's almost as pretty as the quilts you share!

  6. Thank you for hunting out places to photograph and share the beauty of God's Creation with us. I too live in the boonies, with a south western hill hiding any good view to the west, and a tree hiding things to the NW. Will try to get out to the top of the hill and see if we can see it.