Wednesday, July 22, 2020

North Stars Quilts!

Back in February I shared a quilt I was working on called North Stars by Elizabeth Hartman.  I finished all the blocks and yesterday assembled two kids sized quilt tops with 8 of the blocks.  There are 9 blocks in total but I'm saving the Owl block to make a wall hanging.  I didn't want to make a large bed size quilt as I knew I would never use that.  Making 2 kids quilts made more sense for me.
 Here is a link to my last post about this quilt.

I finished Meredith Muskox back in February at a quilt retreat at Keystone Modern Creative in Winnipeg.   Remember quilt retreats...those were the days! ;)

Next I finished Willa Walrus at my Tuesday sewing group in March.  Miss my sewing group friends and our sewing days.

Then in May after realizing it will be a bit of time before our sewing group meets again I started working on the rest of the blocks at home.  Here is Patty the Polar Bear.  I struggles with finding fabrics for this one until I found Elizabeth Hartman's 'Arctic' collection online at Sew Sisters. And it was on sale for $8/m, jackpot!  The original pattern has the polar bear fabric on the seal block, that made no sense to me! ;)

And the last block I finished in May as well, this is Owen the Owl and he will be made into a wall hanging.  I didn't use the grey background fabric that I had on the other blocks as I wanted the owl to be grey. So I changed the background to blue knowing it was not going to be put together into a quilt with the other blocks.

So yesterday after not touching my sewing machine for 2 weeks I went back down to my quilting room and found sashing and border fabrics to make the top kids tops.  I was very happy with what I found in my skinny stash. I have been collecting a lot of fabrics for bags so dipped into that stack to find what I needed.

For this first one I originally had the Polar Bear where the Reindeer is but once I found the right border fabrics I decided it needed to be a blue/brown themed quilt. I was so excited to find this blue polka dot fabric for the sashing as well as the Dear Stella fabric in my stash, it worked perfectly. 

The second one I struggled more with how to sash it. I found the outer teal floral border quickly but what to sash it with?  I had a lot of my background grey left and that seemed to be the best option for what I had on hand.

So I hope to quilt this both up before the end of the month. I think a simple panto will finish them off nicely.


  1. Beautiful quilts! How fun to shop the stash...I need to do that more!

  2. Great idea to make smaller quilts...might just have to do that when I eventually tackle this pattern.

  3. They are both adorable, and a great size, cuddle on a chair, have on a bed, or wrap round shoulders. Love the photo shoot with one on a chair, just asking for a cuddle right there.

  4. They are fantastic! What a perfect idea - to make 2 quilts! Love them both!

  5. Beautiful job! I love her patterns.

  6. Oh...they are so nice! Love the colours. Well done!

  7. What a great idea, make two instead of one large one. These are charming!

  8. Well done you! These are really great and I love how you explained the effort and once that marvelous long arm quilter has them they will be transformed!