Monday, January 25, 2021

Running Free Quilt

Fabric panels sure have come along way now that there is digital printing.  This is Julie's Running Free quilt and the pattern is on Hoffman's website for free.  The panel is called Wide Open Spaces and is a Hoffman product.

I quilted Julie's quilt with the Ebb and Flow panto to give the illusion of motion.  Thread is a beige So Fine and the batting is Quilters Dream Blend. 

I was hoping the neighbours horses would make an appearance as I was taking pictures in the freezing cold and they did!

They were very curious so I turned the quilt to face them and they were really fascinated by it! :)


  1. Oh Kathy - I think those two critics will give you a stellar review! That's quite a tribute.

  2. Wow, great panel is right! And the choice of panto is perfect. Love that the horses seemed to connect. Your photos are always spot on.

  3. Wow! And the horses seem to approve too!

  4. Awesome quilt, quilting and the photos are super wow!!!