Monday, October 11, 2021

Making Waves Quilt

Nancy made this lovely modern Making Waves quilt which is a free pattern on the Art Gallery Fabrics website.   She bought the fabric as a kit at Keystone Modern Creative a few years ago.  The fabric line is called Catch and Release by Art Gallery.

Nancy likes her quilts to be densely quilted so I had the perfect panto, Time Warp! I used a teal So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

She brought a Northcott Shimmer wide backing and it matched so well!  I used dark grey Magna Glide bobbins for the back.  I have switched over to using the Magna Glide bobbins this year.  I use to wind my own Bottom Line bobbins but was having a lot of tension issues once the bobbin was half empty. Might have been my winder, might have been my bobbin, no idea.   But once I switched over to the Magna Glide bobbins no issues so I'm happy I made the change.


  1. The quilt and machine quilting are fantastic! I looked online for Magna Glide Bobbins. Are they only available in 40 wt? I usually use 50 wt thread on top and bottom (So Fine from Superior Threads) in my sit-down mid-arm APQS George. What do you use as the top thread? I look forward to your reply.

    1. Magna Glide Classic are 60wt and that is what I use. It creates great results with the 50 wt So Fine thread on the top. I mainly use So Fine as the top thread as well.

  2. The quilt and quilting are so beautiful!!

  3. Wow! The texture on this is amazing along with the quilt itself. Such a wonderful combination of fabrics and quilting. I love your choice of panto's and so glad you showed us this beautiful quilt. I think I need this pattern! K-