Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Embroidery Kits!

Oh boy!  I have a new addiction... embroidery kits!   I got a few cross stitch kits for Christmas and really enjoyed my evening time stitching as I use to cross stitch a lot before I started quilting years ago.
Well I then went down the rabbit hole and started searching embroidery on Instagram!  So many amazing kits and projects are now available.  And one of my favorite quilt shops, Fabriculous, starting carrying a few lines of embroidery kits in her shop so I picked up a three kits from there to give it a try.    
This little hedgehog was my latest finished and I was sure it was going to mess it up as I have never stitched single floss threads to make fur before! He turned out so sweet! 

The kits is by Jessica Long Embroidery and the 6" hoop that comes with it is great quality!

The kit I tried before the Hedgehogs was called Summer Birds, also by Jessica Long Embroidery 

The kits has the hummingbirds stitched in blue but I changed the colour to match the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds I get at our feeder in the summer. It is also in a 6" hoop.

Before that one I tried a kit from Kiriki called Star map and it was mostly backstitching on preprinted cotton fabric so that was a good transition project from being use to stitching on aida/linen to switching over to a tighter weave cotton fabric. Great quality 11" hoop in this kit too. 

And the two Cross Stitch kits I got for Christmas ( purchased at Keystone Modern Creative)  where both kits by Diana Watters. The first one is called Alpine Flowers and the second one is Twilight Garden.

Now I need to start shopping again for more projects as I whipped through all these in the last month.  I am still quite busy with my longarming, but its been so cold and windy I find my motivation to take quilt pictures is really low right now. But I hope once things warm up a bit I'll get back to my normal quilt posts.   


  1. Lovely work as always, Kathy. Wendy and Leslie are such enablers. I have embroidery and cross stitch kits from their shops as well. A great break from quilting and knitting.

  2. So beautiful!! I've wanted to learn embroidery for some time day!!

  3. Oh, your hedgehog is just adorable! He looks so furry and you did an amazing job! I love all of your finishes. I have been cross stitching again. I am going to join a stitch along on linen next month which will be my first time using linen. I am enjoying the new patterns I am using. I still like my blanket stitching around appliques though and am almost done with my last block on Lori Holt's Prim blocks. I used wool on them for the fist time. It has been fun to do different stitches than just blanket stitch on each of the 12 blocks. I love the texture of embroidery stitches. So glad you shared these with us. K-