Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hexie Pillow

This past month I have been having fun making hexies!  I wanted a slow stitching project and hand stitched a hexie pouch.  That was a bit too slow of a project for me so then I bought the pattern for this cute pillow by Modern Handcraft.  I'm going to show you the results of the steps but not the details so if you want to make one please purchase the pattern from Modern Handcraft at this link.

I had Tim cut the 1" hexie papers on his laser cutter and then thought why can't he cut the fabric too!  I also had him cut a acrylic template for when I want to just cut a few from scrap or need to fussy cut an image out of the fabrics.

Here I am planning the colour layout after hand basting each hexie. I wanted to do the rainbow with light to dark values in each column.

I used my Hera marker to mark the quilting lines.  I quilted this on my domestic machine and really enjoyed the process.  Here is the first direction of quilting lines done.

And here is all three directions of quilting finished.

Love how this turned out.  I trimmed my pillow top down to 19" and sewed the two backing pieces on with a 1/2" seam allowance so it would fit snug in a 18" pillow form.

I can't remember if I shared a picture of my hand stitched hexie pouch on my blog so here is a peek at it.  I use it to hold all my paper hexies, scissors and needles for hand stitching.

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