Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Linen Baskets and Corduroy Compass Bags


I thought at the end of each month I would share what bags I have making.  This month I have been focused on the Divided Basket, pattern by Noodlehead.  I have been using cotton/linen blend for the body of the baskets and a linen/canvas print for the front pocket. I used Soft and Stable for the batting and it gives it great shape!  This basket also gave me an opportunity to use up all the short pieces of leather I had from making bag straps.

I used a deep red batik for the lining on this one to make the red blossoms.

I just purchased some grey linen and some fun kids prints that would look great in a nursery room so will share those next month!

I have also being busy making more Compass Bag but this time making them out of corduroy!  I now have a new obsession with corduroy as they look and feel so soft!

I like to make the bag linings interesting and its been fun to shop for fabrics I wouldn't normally by for quilting. 

I am still making the Cambridge bag in Waxed Canvas and have a few one hand.

I have been sharing all my resent makes on my Instragram page which is tamarackshack2.0 if your are interested in seeing more.

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  1. Oh my! You've just introduced me to my next sewing addiction. I love these bags!