Monday, May 13, 2024

Spring Market Roundup

Thought I would do an update on my bag making venture and the three spring markets I attended.  In March I was a vendor at the Barwick Market and I was really impressed with the organizer and all the advertising she did for the event.  Lots of traffic through and really good sales. I was actually surprised at how well my sale were for a March sale, it was better than a few of my Christmas markets.  Here is what my table looked like. Its nice when they have 8 foot table, that is a question I make sure to asked at each event, helps with planning the layout.

The next market I did was in my little town of Emo in April.  Again I was surprised at the excellent sales for being in the spring. But I did have a few customers that followed my Tamarack Shack Facebook page that wanted to come see my bags in person so that was nice.  Here was my table in Emo, the organizer gave me a bit extra space for my bag rack. Again love the 8 foot long tables.

My last spring market was in Fort Frances and it was a two day event.  I do prefer a one day sale so don't think I'll do that one again. My sales for the two days were equivalent to my one day sales.  Here they gave us a 9'x7' space with a 6' table.  So we brought an extra table.

I try not to make too many of the same bags to have at each sale but like to have at least 3 of each of my favorite bags which are the Oxbow Tote, the Aberdeen, the Compass and the Cambridge bags. So I'm always busy making more for the next sale. I don't want my table to look exactly the same each time.

I decided not to make any more signs, just have one left so that is great.  Still have a good selection of Devon pouches and ones that I have made into crossbody bags, those sell very well.  I have small pouches and my linen baskets.  I like to hang a quilt for sale behind my table to add to the display and as it has been a good way to advertise my longarm business.

So here are some of the bags that I still have available. Lets start with the Oxbow Totes!

Here are the Aberdeen Totes I currently have available.

Here are a few of the many Corduroy Compass Bags, I love corduroy so much.  Make for a super light weight bag too!

I like to add interesting lining fabrics to these bags!

I have more Cambridge bags as well.

And I can't forget my Linen Baskets.  I have a good variety with animal prints that would be great for Baby Shower gifts.  These Hedgehogs have been a big seller!

So there is my Spring market round up and I currently don't have any markets booked for the summer, just taking orders though my social media accounts or you can email me directly at if you see something that catches your eye! I have mailed a lot of orders across Canada this past year.

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