Friday, October 9, 2009


I have really surprised myself with how much I enjoy quilting with Pantographs. At first I thought I would just use them once in awhile but I think they have a place in my longarm quilting business. It looks like I have only being quilting with pantos this month but I have done a few customs jobs just can't post them yet.
This quilt belongs to my neighbour and I traded this quilting job for the beautiful boat bookshelf in my shack. I think that was a fair trade, hope she does too.
The panto on this one is called Flourish and i used an olive green thread.


  1. You have been busy in the last 24 hours!! Did you sleep? It looks great and I'm sure your neighbour will think so too!!

  2. Just to let you know that the quilts all look fabulous Kathy. Love the blog! very inspiring ! You are an artist . I love my quilt and you did a terrific job. I am very proud of it !!!

    Your neighbor Betty