Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Logo!!

So here is the secret little project I have been working on for MONTHS!! I never thought a simple thing like a logo would be so hard to make. It could have gone in so many directions, it was very hard to decide with all the choices. I have a very talented friend to thank for this logo design but they would like to remain anonymous and I will respect that so please don't ask who it is. Now that I have my logo I can finally order the 'special' item I want to give to my customers when I return their quilt to them. Hope to have that surprise by the end of November.
I am busy making Halloween costumes this weekend. My nine year old is going to be a Lego brick so not much sewing involved just a lot of painting!


  1. Well worth the wait! Logo looks great! Now to await the next surprise!!!

  2. I LOVE the new logo! Kudos to your creative friend.
    I know what the next surprise is...... I think