Friday, October 9, 2009

Check This Out.

I just want to point out a blog that I follow, it's on my list to the left. It is called 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs. I started following it a couple of weeks ago and find it interesting. She has taken on quite the task of coming up with a new design every day for a year and has come up with some very unique designs. She even includes a YouTube video so you can see how she stitches each one.


  1. I started following this a few months ago and find it very helpful. I have not tried any yet but plan on doing so in the next couple of weeks. I kind of hoped that by watching it my projects would some how miraculously get done but it has not happened! I have come to the conclusion you have to actually start your machine!!! Either that or I could just keep adding to your list Kathy!

  2. Turn ON your machine know you can do it!! If all it will take is me saying "Hummm... my list is looking a bit full, I'll have to get back to you" then i just might say that next time :)
    There are a lot of guild quilts that you can practive these designs on, no excuses!!