Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black Stack and Whack

I apologise for the poor quality of these pictures (the color is not right) but the weather hasn't been cooperating. The best way to take a picture of a quilt is to turn off overhead lighting and not use a flash. For me the best time to take picture of quilts is late in the morning when the sun is not shining directly in though the window but is bright out. The sun has not been shining here lately.
This quilt belongs to a member of our local guilds and she is known as the 'Queen of Stack and Whacks". Can you guess who? She suggested to me to just put clients initials as she enjoys trying to figure out who's quilts I'm posting.
I'm getting much more comfortable with my new cross hatching rulers but they are time consuming. I did CC in the Irish chain and pinwheels and a ripply water effect in the black background.