Monday, January 4, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!

Tamarack Shack Longarm Quilting is now one year old and I quilted a total of 81 quilts for clients this year.  I only manage to quilt 3 bedsize quilts for myself so I think I need to figure out a more balanced approach to my business. I do like making my own quilts but that has been put on low priority this year and I would like to manage my time better so I can work on my own projects.  So I have desided to only accept 8 quilts ( instead of 10) a month from clients, and take July, August and December off.  As you can see my business isn't about making money it is about enjoying the process, being able to stay home and justifying spending all that money on a longarm machine!
I made the table runner above with a Califon charm pack and quilted with free form feathers and swirls.  I wasn't happy with the quilt design I chose on this particular pattern but my sister loved it so it's hers!  What I should have done is quilted the stars separately from the background and then I would have been happier.

I used the Star Fling pattern to make the stars in these placemats that I made for xmas gifts this year. My goal this year is to use the fabric collections I have and just buy fabrics for borders, etc. so I can finish off those projects. No point in collecting them if your not going to use them. But it is so hard to cut into a favorite fabric isn't it!


  1. Congratulations on your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! You have accomplished a great deal this past year and to that I say CHEERS!! I am fairly new to quilting... now a year and a few months and amazed at how this craft can be so rewarding and additive at the same time. But.... and I say a big BUT... time to stop the gathering of fabric and become much more productive with what I have in storage. It amazes me that I can convince myself so quickly about every fabric purchase I have made... ha ha! I started with some fairly large projects this past year and I think I need to try smaller quilts to "hone in" the craft better. As for learning free motion quilting... still working on that one! Yikes!!

  2. Thanks G!!
    Yes... stop collecting fabric and get sewing! As for free motion quilting just take it one step at a time and I'm here to help you along the way. Maybe I should offer a few more class on Free-motion at my house again. Anyone interested?