Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Magic Tile

Just finished my clients Magic Tile quilt last night and drove into town this morning in the freezing cold (-30'C) to bring it to her.  I enjoy delivering the finished quilt to my clients as I always get a sneak peak at the projects they are working on and see their sewing rooms too.  Today I got a tour of my clients stained glass studio in her basement and saw her latest project...a beautiful scenic piece of a dog sleg team, just amazing!!!    My jaw must have been dragging on the floor from seeing all the beautiful work she has displayed in her home.  Okay back to her quilt.   Since a Magic Tile quilt is suppose to look like stained glass I can never bring myself to quilt across the black lines. So i have figured out how to quilt on both sides of the black without stopping and that saved a lot of time.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful quilt!
    I would like to do a Magic Tile quilt. I was wondering what size this quilt is and what size your blocks are? Also how much of the black fabric do you need. Thanks