Monday, January 11, 2010


That is a popular word on the quilting forums these days and even thought I don't really have a stash, well not like the ones I read about that take up a closet or whole room, I thought I would start using the patterns and fabric I have.   I do feel fabric 'goes bad' if left too long.  What I 'have to have' one year is not what I would buy the next so why let it get to that point, time to dig into my little pile of fabric and start sewing. Honestly I only have enough cotton fabric to fill a large Rubbermaid tote, that is it.

I bought this carrot pattern a year and a half ago along with a metre of orange fabric.  I looked through my bits and pieces and had enough orange to make two!  I think I'll keep one for me and put the other in my new 'Gift Box'.  The Gift Box is where I'm putting all my new creations that I want to make but don't really need and will save them for gifts for this year, that is the key...THIS YEAR! I don't want this box to get too full as these items are to be gifted not saved.  This way I will not be sewing like crazy before Christmas or the quilt show this spring as I like to have a few items in the silent auction.

I also finished two batik aprons using the many leftover 2 1/2" strips I accumulate as I love to sew with batiks.  I have made these aprons before and have two myself so off to the Gift Box they go.

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