Saturday, February 27, 2010

My New Addiction!

So since I didn't buy fabric yesterday.....I made some!!  Well I didn't exactly make it but I did dye it.  This is my attempt at triad dying....using fuchsia, turquise, yellow in different ratios.  My favorite fabric turned out to be the one i goofed on!!  So maybe just experimenting is the way to go.
Here are the first two fabrics I dyed two weeks ago...still trying to figure out why I'm getting white spots?
Here is my 'whoops' fabric on the left below and I redyed the navy fabric seen above with more turquoise to darken the white spots

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  1. Very interesting! This reminds me of tye dyeing in the 70's! I am sure someone out there can explain the white spots. I think the white spots add character. Any ideas yet as to how you are going to use your new fabric? It begs for something very special. A