Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh No....I Crossed the Line!

I have to admit I cross the line this time...repeatedly!   Remember how I like to go on and on about how stitching across the black lines in a Magic Tile will ruin it...well what a lie that was!  Why do you guys listen to me??  Here is my clients beautiful Magic Tile quilt and she wanted a panto across it!   Usually when asked to panto this kind of quilt I give my speech about how stitching across the black will take away the 'stained glass' look..blah blah blah.   But this time that speech didn't could out of my mouth. I loved the colors in this quilt and I had the perfect colored Rainbow thread for it and thought....I can do this! I didn't even have second thoughts as I started quilting it because it looked GOOD! 
Hummm...what other rules of mine should I break next?

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