Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last night I was dyeing fabric again....only a few jars this time, and I really wanted to work on this 'white patch' problem.  Tried a few things differently and got one result that I am VERY happy with.  My goal it to have fabric that is similar to Moda Marbles or Mates, not the Tie Dyed look.
So i redyed my pink that had a huge white patch and here are the results.On the left is my original pink and on the right is it redyed using the same fabric dye formula. That is what I want!!
I also dyed a fuchia which had a few white areas and a turquiose and I glad I'm finally seeing the results I am aiming for.
Guess I wasn't consistant with my lighting as my floor has 4 different colors here, and I took those last three pictures in the same spot close to the same time.  Hummm.....


  1. That's better. Maybe multiple dyeings is the answer for moda style fabric. Thank you for working out the glitches for the rest of us. Now don't be keeping those formulas and recipes a secret--maybe patent them. Hope you are having loads of fun. A