Friday, June 18, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

This quilt belongs to a very talented member of our local guild.  She designed the center monkey and used some of her hand dyed fabrics to make this cute baby quilt. 
I actually looked like a monkey jumping around when I was trying to take pictures of this quilt on the dock this morning.  It is very windy today and trying to keep the quilt from blowing into the lake was a bit tricky and involved some quick reflexes!  All the smoke in the air from the local forest fire interfered with my lighting too. Hope they are able to get the fire undercontrol soon.


  1. A very unique, playful quilt design! Great job on piecing and quilting. Bravo! S

  2. Thank You Kathy for doing such an amazing job on the finishing stitching design! I'm probably going to have to wrestle this beautiful quilt out of my mom's hands to give to my friend! :) M

  3. Thanks "S" and Your Welcome "M"!!
    "M" I gave the quilt to your mom today so she can't say she doesn't have it!
    What's with all the initials you guys??
    Just because a few followers are shy doesn't mean you all have to be!)

  4. What quilt... ha ha! I really do want to put this one in my granny hope chest but "M" says no! So, I have started planning another one. Thank you again Kathy... you added that extra charm to my quilt! G (another shy follower)