Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back from Camp

On Monday my son and I pack up our camping gear and headed out to Camp Whitney with his grade 8 class.   The boys school have a camping trips for the grade 6 and 8 classes each year and this is my second time on this trip as I attended his grade 6 camp trip too.  My son has a severe peanut allergy ( along with another grade 8 student) so it was important I be in the kitchen to help cook the meals.  Last trip there were 4 cooks and that was great....but this time only two parents volunteers for the kitchen so to my surprise I was told I was 'in charge' of the kitchen.   Once over that surprise of....."I'm WHAT??".....and then given the meal itinerary I soon discovered that we were not sent the food need to make the meals planned.  To top that off, when reading the 'instructions' for the meals it often said "see recipe".   So I every so casually ask the teachers because I know things are going soooo well at this point "where are the recipes?" ....."recipes? We don't have any recipies". surprise, no recipes.   So once we were able to get lunch into the kids I took a good look at just what we had.  Chicken for dinner....but no chicken.   Seems to be alot of premade hamburger Burgers it is.  Day one done (out of kitchen by at 11pm). Day two....taco's for ground beef, no taco sandwiches again since we were sent enough lunch meat to feed us for two weeks.  Supper roast.....woohoo....we have roasts.   Dessert...Death by Chocolate ( see recipe)....okay cake mixes check, pudding check, whipping cream check, chocolate bars ( peanut free) check....I can wing that!     Day two ....huge success( 7am to 11pm in kitchen...but all worth it!!)   The packaged gravy they sent was no match for my homemade.    I can cook.....who knew!    Okay I have to say that the other parent in the kitchen was awesome ( his daugher has diabetes so he wants to be there for his child too) and he did a great job working the grill.  Definately a team effort!
So I am very tired tonight as I also had to bunk with a cabin full of 13 year old girls...need I say more.   And believe it or not I love going to camp with the kids and will be going back next year for my other son's grade 6 trip. Now to something quilty...while I enjoy a glass of wine!
I finished this quilting for a client just before I left.   It is a Thimbleberry quilt and I used the Bushberries pantograph.


  1. Glad it turned out well -- I'm sure you'll have more stories to tell this weekend!! E

  2. Welcome home from a memorable camp. Enjoy that wine! A