Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sheri made this purple quilt top using a pattern called Hopscotch and the backing is chocolate brown feels so yummy!  This will make a super cozy cuddle quilt for Sheri's couch.  I used a dark mauve So Fine thread on top and brown Bottom Line on the bottom.  The dragonfly panto shows beautifully on the Minky backing.   I don't mind quilting on Minky as long as I don't have to cut it!!   I was instantly drawing to this pattern and see using it with the new fabrics I bought at Heather's shoppe.   But I am restraining myself from starting that project because I need a project for the guilds retreat next month.

Sheri also brought this cute Railfence top made from Moda Fruitcake fabrics.  LOVE this collection as it reminds me of Christmas decorations from the 70's. I used the panto called Fascination.

Thanks you for all the wonderful comments about my new website, they are all greatly appreciated!!
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  1. The dragonfly panto is one of my favourites, love the purple, one of my favourite colors. The Moda Fruitcake quilt has such "yummy" colors. Such pretty quilts and lovely quilting. C

  2. A wonderful job, Sheri and Kathy. Kathy,I can envision your fabric from Heather' shop done up in the Hopscotch pattern and I am ooh-ing and aah-ing already. A

  3. The dragonfly panto is one of my favorites and I am looking forward to making a quilt that I can use it on. I too say ... "A wonderful job, Sheri and Kathy." And I can also envision your new fabric on the Hopscotch pattern. Lots for you to "sew, press, repeat(SPR)" at the next guild retreat! G