Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giveaway Winner

 And the fabric goes too...

Sara's comment was:
"The website is awesome (that merits an A+ grade, right.) Easy to navigate, and like the continued color theme. It all works well together. Looks like you had plenty of snow to use for dyeing! Would love to win that pretty piece. I want to thank you for including those of us without blogs in the drawing. It is very frustrating to not be able to participate just because we don't have one. I am Sara ( Thank you and congratulations."

Congratulations Sara!!  Thanks for checking out my new website.

This post had put me in a snow dyeing mood but I can't right now as I have been banished from my snow dyeing the cold weather. You see on the weekend my husband asked me why there was a purple puddle on the floor in the i would know!  :)  Well it seems that our drain has froze, -35'C nights can do that, and when he was pouring water down the utility sink in the basement it was coming back up the floor drain.....purple!  Oops!  Seems all my dyeing water wasn't going anywhere.
Think I'll get some piecing done today.


  1. Congratulations, Sara. There is an absolutely wonderful piece of fabric coming your way. Oh, Kathy you made me laugh today. Not because your drain is frozen, that is not any kind of fun, but because you got into trouble!! A