Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So do you still "TRUST US"?

Yesterday at our guild meeting Lori and I revealed the last month of the "Your Just Going To Have To Trust Us" Mystery Project which we were leading.  Lori actually did 70% of the work and I was more there for moral support! ( I did do the photocoping!)   The goal of this mystery project was to gently nudge our guild members out of their 'comfort zone' by trying something new and have them feel proud for not letting the evil thought of "I can't do that" stop then. Trying something new is definitely scary at time but that is what makes it so exciting ... changing the "I can't" attitude to " ...well I'm in it this far so let's give it a try".  ( I know that's what your thinking!)
Now if your not a guild member your probably wondering what's the big deal.  Well here is what we have asked our members to do.

Take the top that they have pieced together over the last 6 months, iron on some strips of interfacing here and here and then....

....CUT along the center of the interfacing!!  The quilt top is now in three pieces.

Rearrange the three pieces, sew back together and you have this layout. I have also added a 2 1/2 " border.
 I just need to add one more border and it is done.

So a row quilt is now turned into an 'on point' quilt.
I can now reveal what pattern we used for this is called Stars for Audrey and we thought it makes a fantastic mystery project. You can purchase the pattern here.

Basically this isn't about trusting us but about trusting yourself and learning you can do it.

(that's me with pompoms cheering you on)


  1. Thank you Kathy and Lori for a Mystery Quilt that was a true mystery. Your title was so appropriate. Many have to be glad they survived those flying geese! Thanks for pushing us to learn and experiment. A

  2. Wow...that's really cool and great idea! Thinking outside of the box for sure on that one!

  3. mmmmmmmm......I think I can, I think I can....
    And I will cut that top into 3 and re-sew it together :)
    (and, yes, I would trust you two ladies again....)

  4. Just love it! Can hardly wait to get mine done!! It was REALLY worth trusting you both!!! E

  5. Kathy... great job... wish I had been at the meeting to see it in person... on another note... thanks... just because you have been so patient with me in the shoppe as I "boo boo"... I don't know why I get all flustered when you are there... I think it's cuz you worked in a fabric shoppe before and I feel like a rookie, then I panic... in any event... here's a hug of thanks! ((((((Kathy)))))))....

  6. Both you and Lori presented a very unique mystery project! Your willingness to take new perspectives to quilting and openness to do different things and to do things differently.
    Focusing on the value of finding new ideas and acting on them. What a team! G