Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GO! Cutter Half Square Triangles

Here is the result from cutting up my scraps using the 6 1/2" Triangle die for my GO cutter. I have now completely used up all my beige scraps.  Don't know if that is a good thing yet or not!

 I really like the layout of the blocks and am quite surprised at how much I like this quilt.  I think I am starting to like Scrappy quilts!!!!    I just put it on my longarm yesterday so should have it finished later today.

  I have some dyeing planned for today too.   Lori is addicted to snow dyeing Mandalas right now and has had some beautiful results so I'm going to give it a try today.
I tried snow dyeing a 'Tie Dye' style piece of fabric and the result just makes me laugh.  Definately different and all i see is a 'Super Nova'....... KABOOM!


  1. Kathy - I really like your "Super Nova" did you do that? How are your fat-quarters of hand-dyeds selling at the quilt shop?

  2. Glad to see you enjoying the scrap quilting. This one is gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing your longarm magic on it. Now you have an excuse for a road trip to buy more beige. Hope you have an enjoyable day. A

  3. Margie for the Super Nova I just folded the fabric like making a paper snowflake then tied it with string every few inches. Layed it on my screens and added snow with the dye powder mixed in. I put the yellow snow on the point, then fuchsia, cerulean, brown, then just ramdomly added what dyed snow i had left. I would never be able to replicate it!! I just enjoy experimenting :)
    My fat quarter packs are selling okay at the shop. Sold 2 of my 12pack rainbows, a 4pack of blue and a 6 pack of blue/purple. So not to bad. Thanks for asking!

  4. Great job on the HSTs Kathy :) Your Super Nova is real pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow Kathy, I love your super Nova.....well, I have got all of the ingredients for snow dying but I think that spring is now will have to wait for next year...but...I've now got my 'Go' die cutter so when I get a little more time will have to have a 'Go' and see what happens!

  6. Hi Kathy, love the tie dye super nova! I wonder how it would look if you quilted it like a whole cloth quilt? You are always doing something!! I envy your time and talent! Keep up the great work, I love looking!