Thursday, April 28, 2011

Echo Curves

Some quilts speak very quietly on how they need to be quilted and others like Robins gorgeous Leaf quilt just spoke so clearly. I could hardly wait to get this one on my machine as I knew exactly how I wanted to quilt this one the moment I saw it.  If only every quilt spoke to me like this!

What I am most excited about on this quilt is the new border design that was shared on the MQR forum.  I finally got a chance to use my curved cross hatching rulers and I love love love this design.

I quilted a wood grain texture in the attic windows and SID around the leaves then echoed.

The snow is almost gone, just a few piles here and there in the yard but the forecast for tomorrow is for surprise! 
But I am happy I can use my favourite picture spot again!


  1. Your quilting is just perfect on this quilt!!! Wow, I just love the borders, Kathy!!! It's so nice when you don't have to think about the quilting and it just tells you what it needs! If only every quilt was that simple!! What rulers did you use to do the borders?? They look fantastic!!

  2. oh I love the quilting especially that border design. thank you for the Inspiration!

  3. can you show your ruler, and how you did that????
    It is just stunning;

  4. I used Deloa's 20" Boomerang ruler for curved cross hatching. Here is the link for her shop.
    Send me an email Suzan and I can draw up a diagram with my stitching path for the border.

  5. Absolutely amazing... a natural design for this quilt pattern! G

  6. I just love Robin's quilt and the quilting is gorgeous! Wish I had half of your talent, Kathy. C

  7. nailed it!