Monday, May 2, 2011

Train Quilt

It was my husbands birthday on Friday and I was happy to have his Train quilt finished in time.  A friend found the train themed fabric last year at a shop in Arizona called The Three Dudes... good to know if your looking for train fabric you just have to find a quilt shop owned by guys.   
I had no idea what pattern I was going to use to make the quilt as I didn't think I would ever find nice train fabric that wasn't designed for kids.  Once I got my GO cutter I found myself just cutting into the fabric using the 3 1/2" x6 1/2" rectangle die with no plan!!  Found some burgundy fabric in my possession but then realized I didn't have enough to finish the sashing.  So out comes some black fabric and voilĂ ..... strategically place rails down the quilt!   Plan B is always more creative than Plan A.

Still ice on the lake.

I tried to take pictures of the quilt in Tim's train room but that was trickier than I though.
I added the black curtains under his layout a few weeks ago...I store my batting under one side and Tims stores his hobby supplies under the other side so it hides the mess.

Here are a few shots of his layout, it is HO scale.  I have helped make a few trees and I even painted a few clouds on the wall.


  1. My kids would love that!!! The picture of the frozen lake and quilt is amazing! Good job on the quilt!

  2. Oh! The quilt looks just great! I must come visit it!!

  3. Quilt is gorgeous! The train fabric is perfect! I love how you designed the sashing between the rectangles. You did such a beautiful job!

    Happy bday to your hubby!

  4. Sometimes not having enough fabric makes a better design. I really like the two black 'train track' strips.

  5. Kathy,you came up with a wonderful plan for the train fabric. Tim's birthday must have been very special for both of you. I really have enjoyed the peek into Tim's train room. Hope Friday was the start of a wonderful year for you, Tim. A

  6. Kathy, I had no idea of how big Tim's Train Room was and it is amazing! A lot of detailed work has gone into building everything! Your birthday present to him was so perfect. Pass on my belated birthday cheers to Tim for a wonderful year! G