Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paper Version Now Here!


Yesterday I received our paper version of Not Your Mothers Rail Fence in the mail and I put my son to work folding and bagging them!  He needed volunteer hours for a Life Skills/Work class so that worked out well for both of us.  I have now added this paper pattern to our Etsy shop.

Only two more client quilts to finish and then I take a break for December!   I have a quilt beside me that needs a photo shoot outside but it’s –29’c ( with a –40’c wind-chill) so that will have to wait.  I’m still trying to warm up after taking a few pictures of our pattern this morning!  BRRR!  This is our online weather report….notice the conditions say ‘Ice Crystals’!



  1. stay inside until later and then make a dash for -15 here

  2. Glad "Not Your Mother's Rail Fence" is in. If you are coming on Saturday I will get my copy then. An early Christmas gift to myself.

  3. its very sparkly here today too, I think we've got ice crystals pretty, but cold

  4. WOW!! Stay warm Kathy! Your camera might not work in such extreme temperatures! Congrats on the paper patterns!