Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow Dyeing Brown


On Monday I did some Snow Dyeing using soft brown, yellow and cerulean blue.  Since brown is made up of many colors it is a hard to predict the outcome.    The brown usually separates into shades of red which it did but I was hoping that since I was pouring the warm liquid dye onto the snow it would bond quicker to the fabric keep its brown color, not so.  I also broke one of my rules guild lines about not mixing too many color as I know that can result in a very muddy colored piece of fabric.  I added a bit of golden yellow to the mix as well.  I was surprised that the colors were not too muddy and that you could still see the blue and yellow in a few spots, especially on my smaller pieces of fabric.


Today I am going to load a quilt on my longarm that I pieced on the weekend so hope to share that with you soon.  I seem to be on a mission this month to use up some of my fat quarter bundles that I have acquired over the last couple of years.


  1. so love the outcome of your snow dyeing! Kee on publishing the results of your fat quarter quilting - I need to do the same

  2. Stunning colours - no snow here (UK) just lots of rain!!

  3. Beautiful! Looks like you have lots of snow too to experiment with your dyeing! Love your fabric! It's sooo pretty!

  4. Those fabrics look great! I hope to try snow dying sometime.

  5. You are so brave to dye your own fabric. I wouldn't even try to do this. Beautiful fabric. Looking forward to see what
    you do with all your fat 1/4's.

  6. Love checking in on your blog. Love to see the quilts and your snow dying results. Really enjoyed the tour of your studio this fall.

    Maureen (Carmen's sister)