Monday, May 11, 2015

Back to Work!


This past week has been very busy but I did manage to squeeze one client quilt on the machine.  This is Maxine’s Town Square quilt and I love the fabrics she used.  I had to give her my speech on how I hate tiny flange borders as I have to baste those down so the don’t flip the wrong way when quilting a panto.  The basting worked very well but I still hate those flanges on quilts!    I used Fascination for the panto design, black So Fine thread and Black Quilters Dream Poly batting.


Now to my week!   It started with a weekend getaway with my husband for our 20th anniversary which is next week.  We thought we would test drive a few cars and see what the value of my 2007 CR-V was for trade in.  Well the new CR-V’s are very different now but feel like the same car when driving, they are so comfortable!   They asked what I wanted for a trade in and my husband leaves the haggling up to me as I love that part!  I told them I know what is it worth on their lot and to make me an offer I can’t refuse as the decision to make the purchase of a new CR-V depends on what they offer.  We were very prepared to walk away as my car was in great running condition and the salesman knew that.  So he came back with a very reasonable trade in offer that made me smile and I even got a $1500 off the sticker price too!   So we drove home in a new car and it just happens to be a pretty blue colour too! 


Now to take this baby on a road trip!  So on Thursday I drove 600km to visit my friend Lori and we had a fantastic 4 days!    We worked on a new Highway 10 Designs pattern and I went to her guild meeting.   On Friday we drove to KickAss Country Quilt Shop in Plumas, MB and Wayne,the owner of the shop, even closed up shop and took us out of lunch!  Talk about feeling special, and yes I did drop a bit of money there!   He was telling us that he likes to tell his customers that the ladies behind Highway 10 are really ‘Go Getters’.  After we shared a few stories with him he now as a new expression for us but you’ll have to ask him what it is!  Smile 

I had also stopped in at Fabriculous in Swan River on my drive down, Wendy the owner made me lunch when I got there and we had a nice visit.  The quilt shops in Manitoba are run by the most amazing people and wish I could visit their shops more often.

Only have one picture of Lori and I together, her husband took it just before I left and it turned out nice.   Thanks for the great visit Lori and it was fun to be there for your birthday! 


While I was away my husband was sending me pictures of the weather back home…so glad I was not home!  Really snow on May 9th!


It is now almost gone and my son threw the snowman in the lake!    I hope that is the last of the white stuff!  Now to get back to work.


  1. It sounds like you have had a fantastic beginning to vehicle (pretty blue), good times with Lori, Wendy and Wayne, and a reminder that this is Northern Manitoba. Anyone who is going camping on the long weekend was glad to see the white stuff make its appearance this past weekend! So glad to hear someone as much in love with flanges as I am when it comes to quilting. I would much rather stitch a super narrow border and hope it comes out perfectly straight.

  2. Happy anniversary! A new car, a fantastic road trip sound wonderful. I chuckled when I saw the snowman looking so sweet, then laughed out loud when I read about his swimming lessons. Too funny.

  3. That quilt is stunning - I love the colours. It was really nice to see you at the Crocus Quilters meeting too. And sounds like you had a good time shopping as well - gotta love those roadtrips! And those snowy pictures could have graced a Xmas card, but it is entirely the wrong season for that! Good to hear that you showed the snowman who was boss!

  4. Kathy, congrats on the new car, and I hate flanges, too. Wow, your quilt shop owners are extremely nice to take you out to lunch!! Did you add a screened in area to your 'shack'?

  5. Congrats on your new car and blimey (that's Britspeak - although I am a Yank just living there like forever) snow in May. Wouldn't like that at all. Glad you are having a wonderful time with your friend. Patricia x

  6. Congrats on your new car and blimey (that's Britspeak - although I am a Yank just living there like forever) snow in May. Wouldn't like that at all. Glad you are having a wonderful time with your friend. Patricia x