Thursday, May 14, 2015

Green Batik


This is Kirsten’s Batik quilt and she asked for custom quilting as it will be a gift.    The fabrics all have leaf designs so I used that as my inspiration and quilted leaves in the outer border and swirls in the inner border.  The setting block was a perfect spot for a feather swirl but I made the feathers a leafy feather.  I repeated the shape of the outer border feathers in the pieced blocks along with some CC shapes.


I used Quilters Dream Blend batting and two colours of So Fine threads, a light and darker green.


The snow is gone and the geese, loons, duck and herons have returned.  Do I dare say spring is here?



  1. Very nice! Do you trim off the extra batting and backing on the quilts you quilt??

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  3. Oh wow. The designs you used are perfect.