Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer in the Park Quilt


This is Phyl’s Summer in the Park quilt and you can find the YouTube video tutorial on how to make this quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company here.   This one was made using the Rum Raisin Bali Pop and a light batik background.  The pantograph is Whirlygig, the thread is light beige So Fine, and Quilters Dream Blend batting.  I also made this quilt a few years ago and really like how it was pieced, it makes a very nice quilt.


I took these pictures a few days ago and today our little bay is almost ice free!  Now if only my yard was bear free!  We have been having a bear show up early in the morning for the past two nights and last night at 3am the neighbourhood dogs did a good job at scaring it away.  But not before he stole a bag of garbage and left a trail in the bush!   We picked up what we could and will be storing our garbage in our garage for the time being.



  1. Yes, this is a very nice quilt. I have this bali pop and although I already have a pattern for it, I might have to reconsider!

  2. Going on a bear hunt? Love the serenity of the lake as the ice is melting. Will have to check out Whirlygig too.

  3. Always enjoy visiting your blog. (It's on my blogs side-bar so I can see when something new is here). I don't usually comment but this quilt is made with one of my all time faves from Missouri Star and is so pretty. Such beautiful colors and your quilting is perfect for the feel of such lovely batik fabrics. So glad you share photos, thanks for taking the time.