Saturday, May 23, 2015

‘Frozen’ Quilt


This is Phyl’s Frozen quilt and the pattern she used is called Mahjongg.    She used the Disney themed fabric for the focus and I love the blue and purple accent colours.   She bought the Frozen fabric at a quilt show in Mesa so I can’t tell you the name of the shop she she purchased it at.     I thought my new Snow Winds panto would suit this quilt and Dream Puff batting as it is a child's quilt.


I’m so happy to have my sparkly water back!  Phyl purchased a light beige Stonehenge backing from me for this quilt.  I’m really glad I carry these backing as they are very handy for my clients since we do not have a local quilt shop.



  1. That's a cute quilt. I like the quilting panto, it works perfectly with the quilt!

  2. The quilt has beautiful colours - and I love the snowflake panto!

  3. I love this quilt, so creative, especially the snowflake panto! We recently did a Frozen quilt that comes with quilt kit, if you want to check it out Happy Quilting!