Friday, May 22, 2015

Pedal to the Metal #6


This is Alex’s Pedal to the Metal quilt and it is a Highway 10 Designs pattern which you can find here.   Alex used a pretty blue/teal focus fabric with butterflies so asked for a butterfly panto, so Butterfly Charm it is!  She also requested a teal thread that matches the colours of the butterflies in the fabric.  I’m so glad she made this request as I don’t think I would have thought to use this bold of a colour but it looks so good on the quilt.  Love it when a client has me think outside my box!


Here is a picture of the So Fine thread colour used on the quilt.


Its another beautiful day here in Northern Manitoba, high of 25’ today.  Yesterday I had a bit of an adventure and had to chase a weasel out of my basement!  My husband said that they are great for catching mice so I hope that doesn’t mean we also have more mice down there again.  Good thing our basement/crawlspace is not accessible from our main level so there is no worry of them getting up into the house.  Now we just have to find out how he got in there!


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