Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quarter Sections #2

This is Eileen's Quarter Sections quilt and you can find this Fat Quarter Friendly pattern here.   She used fabrics from her extensive stash to make this quilt and I have seen her stash and it is extensive!

She requested my Topo free hand quilting design as it goes with the theme of the quilt which is the birds eye view of the Canadian Prairies.

The backing is a gold Stonehenge and she used it in the border as well after a little encouragement from me.  She brought over her border fabrics one day to get my opinion and I told her I didn't like any of them.  I feel if someone is asking for my opinion they are obviously not 100% happy with their choices so it is okay to be completely honest!

I have been having issues with Blogger this week so I hope that gets fixed soon, I can't post using my Windows Live Writer anymore so will have to investigate that further. 


  1. Lovely quilt - the colours are so "earthy" looking. Exactly like our prairie landscape! And your quilting really sets that off nicely.

  2. Oh I like everything about this quilt! I forgot about the topography design!!! I will need to do that one again soon love the texture it gives

  3. Lovely quilt. I like your opinion about sharing your opinion when people ask!

  4. I am also having trouble with Windows LIve Writer, has been very frustrating, and I also had used Picasso until last year, when that ran into trouble. Now am back to posting direct from Blogger, but that is painfully slow to load photos. My online search indicates that there are lots of unhappy people with WLW. Hope they fix it soon.