Monday, July 30, 2018

Canadian Floral Emblem Quilt

This is Bonnie’s Canadian Floral Emblem Quilt. She found the muslin printed with the 10 provinces floral emblems in her mothers belongings after she passed in 2000.  Bonnie photocopied the muslin then used a transfer pen to copy the designs onto fabric.  She hand embroidered all the blocks and then decided how to turn the blocks into a quilt. With the help of graph paper, many yards of fabric and the help of the internet Bonnie came up with the quilts layout.  She framed all the blocks with a navy 1/4” flange.  Some of the blocks are set on point and while the four in the outer corners are framed in a brown fabric like the focal center block is.  I thought this gives the quilt a nice balance! 

Bonnie asked if I could quilt butterflies on the quilt somewhere and I added them into the white sashing bars.  I cross hatched the embroidered blocks using 100wt MicroQuilter white thread so there is no thread seen on the embroidery and the blocks lay flat.

The borders consists of swirls, l’s and e’s, and a leaf with a curl design.  In the setting blocks I used a curved ruler as well as free handed the extra loops.
I used 4 different colours of thread.  Navy, brown and blue So Fine and white MicroQuilters on the embroidery blocks. Batting is Quilters Dream Blend.

Here are some close-ups of some of the blocks.

Bonnie has created a wonderful heirloom quilt that I’m sure will be a enjoyed by her family for many generations to come.

This was my last client quilt for the summer as I am taking August off,  I can’t believe summer is half over already.   I intend to spend  this month enjoying the outdoors and visiting with friends and family!  I have all winter to sew but I’m sure I’ll be in my sewing room on those rainy days! :)



  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Is there a pattern/design available?

  2. An amazing quilt, Bonnie and Kathy. I can't wait to see it in person.

  3. A Magnificent Masterpiece. and each block, what amazing thought, the wonderful layout, flanges, handwork,and finally the quilting.I hope this is a treasure that stays in Bonnie's family forever.

  4. Beautifully done and takes Teamwork over the TOP!
    Could you ask Bonnie to share with us the pattern details and where we might find it?
    Please and Thanks!

  5. Yes Bonnie said she would send me the info on the pattern, etc and I’ll add it to the post!

  6. Beautiful embroidery and beautiful quilting!

  7. Beautiful embroidery and quilting! A work of art.

  8. Wow, this quilt has a lot of hours in it! The flange adds so much to it. Great, great job!

  9. OMG! What a beautiful quilt, and your quilting just brings it to life!! I'm amazed at how your cross-hatching doesn't detract from all that hand-stitching. A work of art ladies!

  10. This is really fabulous and I agree that it wills surely be treasured.

  11. That's an incredibly beautiful quilt! First the handwork is gorgeous, and your quilting made it even more so. What a treasure! ---"Love'

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