Saturday, April 6, 2019

Creamsicle Quilt

Shelly made this delicious quilt called Creamsicle, makes me think of hot summer day by the lake!  The pattern is in the book Simple Color - Orange by Vanessa Christenson.  Shelly is on a mission to use up her stash one colour at a time and this is the perfect pattern for orange.

 She asked for simple custom quilting and really wanted it quilted like it was in the book. I tried to convince her to let me quilt few feathers on there but nope, she is a modern gal so I did my best to make sure she was going to love it!  I made a few changes to the quilting in the books sample to add my own touch to it!

Here is a picture of the books version below. I changed out the cross hatching to echo quilting and added a double line in the petal.  

There are a lot of stops and starts to this style of quilting but so worth it!  I used off white So Fine thread and the QP Curve 20" template for the curved quilting.

I really want to make an orange quilt now, how about you?


  1. You truly worked your magic on this beautiful orange eye candy!

  2. This is just stunning! What a gorgeous quilt! This will be enjoyed by many generations, a true heirloom! Congrats to you both for your beautiful work!

  3. stunning, where can i find the pattern? i've looked on google for the book you mentioned but can't find it anywhere!!! thanks,


  4. Amazing quilting on your part.
    To Shelly ... immaculate piecing.
    Working together made for one spectacular quilt!!
    Kind of makes it feel like spring has sprung, doesn't it? :)

  5. This is just beautiful--both the quilt itself and your quilting. Amazing job! I dont know if I would be able to give it back to the owner. lol

  6. Really amazing! I love creamsicles!

  7. Would you mind if I featured this quilt on my blog. I'm doing a feature on fall quilts. I would use your image and link back to you. Thanks