Thursday, May 23, 2019

Simply Dashing in Ombre Fabrics

I wanted to try making a few samples of our Highway 10 Designs Simply Dashing Quilt using Ombre fabrics.  I found a great Timeless Treasures Studio Blue Ombre that worked well as it went from light to dark from selvage to selvage.  Some of the Ombres on the market go from dark to light to dark again selvage to selvage and those don't give the same effect. 

I also wanted to try a white background and see how that plays with the Ombre fabrics.  Here is a look at our cover quilt for comparison.  What makes this quilt special to us is that it already has the look of using an Ombre when it is made with two solid fabrics. That got me thinking "how would it then look using an Ombre?"

I did the math and figures out that the Ombres would work for the baby, twin and double sizes leaving little waste fabric.  The fabric requirements using Ombres will change from the original pattern requirements for the "Light Fabric'.  Baby needs 42" (and you get enough strips for two quilts) , Twin needs 64" and Double needs 88".  If you have purchases this pattern and want additional cutting instructions for making it with Ombre just send me an email, I have a cutting diagram that I can send you.

I quilted this one with Ebb and Flow and used white So Fine thread.  Batting is Quilters Dream Blend.

I have a few wide backings on hand for my clients and the blue Essence from Northcott worked well.

Now here is one of the baby quilts I made using Timeless Treasures Rainbow Ombre Pastel.   I had only purchased a yard of the Ombre so only got 5 blocks wide but figured out if I had purchased 42" then I could have gotten the 6th block to make it wider.  When you cut for a baby size, so you get the whole rainbow from top to bottom, you can cut out the strips for two quilts by doubling your cuts for each strip size. That was a nice surprise. 

 I used Flourish for the pantograph, white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Ombre fabrics are not that hard to work with, you just need to refold the fabric so you are cutting the same colour in each strip.  Fabric on a bold it folded selvage to selvage, you just need to fold it from cut edge to cut edge.  Here is a diagram I made to help explain that better!


  1. I love your blog. Would it be possible to use the ombre as the background?

    1. Well anything is possible but it would take a lot of math and fabrics to make it work. I can't see the gradation between the rows being that smooth of a transition using the ombre as the background as the blocks alternate across the row.