Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Meadowland Quilt

I had been away for the last two weeks so now it is time to get back to quilting and blogging.  Shelly has been busy digging into her stash and making quilts with a colour theme.  This quilts colour theme was brown, and since brown is not her favorite colour she made it work for her by adding yellow and that wonderful pop of pink!  I think by the time the top was done she started to like the brown! Maybe she will love it once she sees it quilted? The pattern is called Meadowland by Then Came June, and Shelly made this as a Quilt Along.

Shelly loves her quilts stippled/meandered so that is what I did on this one.  I used yellow So Fine thread and she brought a Warm and Natural batting.


  1. Those pops of pink make the quilt! Super smart! Well done!

  2. A very smart colour combination. This quilt is unexpectedly beautiful.