Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fleece Throw

It's December and time for me to put the closed sign on The Tamarack Shack giving me time to play on my Millie.    I'm going to quilt all those 'just because' tops, you know the ones you make even though you have no idea what your going to do with it. 
So this morning I picked my first project to quilt, a fleece throw.  Now this was an assignment in my Feather Bootcamp online class last February that I never got to do and I really wanted to try.   Better late than never right!  A friend picked up some fleece for me when she was in the states, 3 1/2 yards for $18....I can't even get 1m in Canada for less than that. Thanks 'E'.

So here is how the fleece throw this is done.  I used two layers of fleece, blue on one side, brown on the other, no batting.    I started with a large meander spine and then feathers one side.

I then feather the other side of the spine.   Roll, meander, feather repeat.

This is more the color of the fleece, the florecent light in the Shack really dulles the color. 

Not too bad for my first try.
Here is it with the edges fringed.

The next test will be to try this on a real quilt.  Stay tuned!  :)


  1. Wow, beautiful feathers Kathy, I just bet this will be a fought over snuggly rug in your household.

  2. Wonderful feathers,Kathy. There is nothing hiding your expert work with this canvas. Even E will be pleased to see these gorgeous feathers. I want to cuddle under this throw right now. A

  3. I do like these feathers!!! You are slooooowly converting me BUT I will never try them myself!!! Can I borrow it for -30 day to curl up with by the fire and a good book? Great job as always!! Can hardly wait to see it closeup! E

  4. Wow! Totally impressed! Your feathers are gorgeous and love your method :) Great job! Hope your wrist(s) are feeling better, or else that spot on the couch with the blanket and the fire nearby sounds really good. :)

  5. Gorgeous work! Any one would love to cuddle with this!

  6. What a beautiful flece quilt, I love it! And it makes me want tno try the same with domestic machine :)

  7. Fabulous, the fleece, the feathers, the fringe...absolutely adore the finished project and your post was dry informative.

  8. I love this! I have a new Millie and am learning slowwwwly; I admire your work! How do you keep fleece from stretching? I have been told that it will, but yours looks awesome. I love feathers, hope to learn them, have the computer to do it now, but I would like to do it freehand too. Merrie in Michigan