Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Snow.... More Snow Dyeing!

We had a lot of snow fall this week so I thought I would look at the bright side and not grumble about shoveling and play with more snow dyeing.  I did two 1 metre pieces with the screens and was very happy with the one pictured above.  It was made with 1 tsp Fuchsia in 1 C water, 1 tsp Navy in 1 C water and 1/2 tsp Grey in 1/2 C water. Each poured on separately.  Here is a close up.

The second piece has beautiful color but also has what I call 'muddy' patches where the texture is lost and it is more solid.   I used 1 tsp Burgundy in 1 C water, 1 tsp Cerulean Blue in 1 C water and 1/2 tsp Grey in 1/2 C water.  I love the color combination but wonder why some areas lost the snow dye texture.

Found a great use for my boys hockey net!

On Thursday Heather's new fabric shop in town called  Bliss Fabrics and Gifts opened and I just had to stop in to make my first purchase and congratulate Heather on her opening day.  While I was there the Premier of our province was in town and stopped in with our local MLA to wish Heather the best with her new business.   He didn't buy anything though...but that's okay I made up for it :)
Here is the gorgeous fabric collection I splurged on.  I bought 1 metre of all 8 fabrics in the collections and the great thing is ... if I need more I can just go back and get it!  No more depending on online orders for everything.


  1. Oh, how I wish it would snow just one more time...(my DH would never believe I had said that)we had a frosting of snow this morning but only enough to fill a teaspoon!

    Love the fushcia....

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  2. Kathy - your snow-dyes look beautiful! This is ridiculous, but we are still waiting for snow in our area of Idaho. I can't believe it but it only snowed once here this winter (in November). I guess I've pretty much given up on doing any snow-dyeing this time.

  3. Kathy... the fuchsia one is indeed lovely... the second one is also lovely, much more earthy, and even though some of it lost the texture, I am sure it will not go to waste! Thanks for all the well wishes, I am looking forward to all the "fun" we will all have in the shoppe! Hugs.