Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teddy Bear Quilt

This is Helen's Teddy Bear quilt which is so adorable.  She appliqued the bears with batting underneath and used minky and chenilled fabrics to give them great texture. This does provide a challenge for longarm quilting as the appliques were very thick so rolling the quilt was a bit tricky.  I decided to quilt free hand loops and hearts across the quilt to continue with the folky feel of the applique.

I also finished Valery's beautiful brown lap quilt this week and used the panto Plush.


  1. Great job! I like the bears! I can definitely see the challenge with the bears.

  2. Great quilting as usual. I love the bear quilt, so adorable....the other quilt is lovely also, like the colours. It must be exciting to see just what patterns and colours of quilts your clients will bring you. C

  3. Kathy, your new website is great, I enjoyed the quilt show. you can send that great piece of snow dyed fabric to me at . thanks