Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Nine Patch

With all the snow around it is nice to work on a quilt that reminds me of spring.
The sight of leaves and flowers in the yard is still along way away so this was a treat to work on.
This is Cheryl's Nine Patch quilt and her colors have a soft spring feel to them.  She pick the panto called Fascination and I used a very light green thread.

I have been dyeing some more and this time playing with white Tone on Tone fabrics.
I had a white snowflake fabric in my stash that I dyed with Royal Blue and I love how the snowflake print resists the dye and stays white.

Then I cut fat quarter size pieces of white fabrics, one that had dragonfly print and the other flowers, and dyed them in soft pastel colors. The contrast in the print is more subtle but very pretty.


  1. ooooooo.....I love those tone on tone dye samples. It is hard to decide which I like better-the blue snowflakes or the pastels. Great work! A

  2. Quilting looks gorgeous. Love the fabric samples! Color turned out great!

  3. I like your choice of the Fascination panto on the quilt... looks great! I have tried dyeing my printed white fabric as well with great results and now can use. Really like your new pastel colors... will have to work on those. G

  4. The blue snowflakes it is! The others are just as eye-catching! I want them all!!!! E

  5. Kathy, I love seeing your dyed fabrics! You inspire me! I just got 6 inches of snow, but no time to dye! Hopefully I will get another snow in a few weeks when I have more time. Love your blog, too! Mary in the Mountains