Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mystery Quilt #8

This is Sasheen's Mystery quilt that she made with beautiful browns, creams, and orange batiks.  I suggested a new panto design called Spiral Squares and Sasheen was very supportive in trying something new.   I had seen this one used by Jenny on her clients quilts and I always loved how they looked so I bought the panto. I really wanted to try a linear design on the Mystery quilt and I like how this one was on an angle. It really worked well with the on-point setting of this quilt and in the borders.

I used a brown variegated Lava thread on top and a black Bottom Line on the backing.

She bought a beautiful black/brown/cream print batik for the backing that could easily make this a reversible quilt.


  1. Love the thread choice. Gorgeous quilt with that quilting.

  2. The lava thread looks like chocolate maybe! Sweet quilting job Kathy:)

  3. Oh...yes love that pattern and it looks great on that quilt. I always love how you take pictures of your quilts outside. So much more interesting!

  4. I love this panto. Turned out really neat on this quilt.