Friday, September 9, 2011

Scrappy Squares

We have been enjoying some unseasonally hot weather this week which has interrupting my quilting time, and I'm not complaining! I did manage to finish Val Scrappy Squares quilt before the sunshine lured me out of my quilting studio.  Val used a muslin foundation to stitch her purposely 'wonky' squares and I had never quilted a top that had a foundation before. But it was no problem for my machine and it turned out great.

I used a panto called Fascination and So Fine thread.

So for the last few days I have been out in my kayak at least twice a day, followed by a swim. Yes I said swim which is unheard of in our northern lakes this time of year. Usually by now the lake is freezing but it is the same temperature it was in the middle of July.

Also the lake has been calm like glass, just perfect for paddling.

One thing I love about kayaking is the ability to just glide over rock that are just inches under the water.

But don't worry, this area has been marked to warn other boats to stay away.  
( I have hit reefs with a boat before...not fun!)

This reef is usually about a foot out of the water but with the high water levels this year it was completely underwater this summer.


  1. So peaceful looking!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful as is that last pic--woweee!

  3. Wow, how incredibly gorgeous and inviting those pictures are! Love the quilt and the panto, too.