Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mystery Quilt #9

Here is Yvonne's Mystery quilt and she used a cream, blue and red colour palette from the Back to Nature collection from Timeless Treasures.  The print fabric has holly leaves and berries and she made this to be a Christmas quilt so the panto was an easy choice... Hollyberries.
I did a free hand holly motif in the outer border and used Lava thread.

*Note to local quilters*
I am going to teach Free Motion quilting again and if you are interested in taking my class please contact me for details. 


  1. Beautiful Kathy, can I ask, do you use the top roller to attach/stretch your quilt tops on the frame, they look really smooth or do your clients always make really well pieced quilts?

    Anyway they always look fabulous!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  2. Beautiful quilt, beautiful quilting Kathy! 8-)

  3. I like the quilting in the border. And like Kay I think your quilts always looks fabulous, and would also like to know the answer to her question too.

  4. Desley since you asked so nicely I'll answer Kays question here too (I emailed her my answers earlier).
    I always attach my quilt tops to the top roller. I find this allows you to find out if the top is square or not and to see if there will be an issues that will need to be watched when quilting. In the 3 years I have been in business I have only taken three quilt tops off the frame and called the clients to fix a problem before I would quilt it. I offered them advice on how to fix the problems and they all appreciated the chance to make the fix. The result is a happy quilter and happy clients.

    I am also a VERY LUCKY longarmer as I have fantastic piecer's for clients. So the answer to the question is BOTH!