Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow Dyeing, the Obsession Continues!

I love it when a day spent dyeing fabric turns out results like this!! Oh it's so pretty!

I'm experimenting with Snow Dyeing again and this time I tested the question "what difference is there when using two dye colors and you premix the dye compared to pouring the colours on separately?"  If you were not reading my blog last winter and are wondering just what I'm talking about, check out my Snow Dyeing Tutorial.

First I mixed a green dye using 1 tsp of Cerulean Blue and 1/2 tsp of Bright Yellow in 1 1/2 cups water and poured it on the snow covering the fabric (on the right).  Then I mixed 1 tsp of Cerulean Blue in 1 cup of water and 1/2 tsp of Bright Yellow in 1/2 cup water and poured two dyes on the snow (on the left).  I wanted to know how differently will the fabric dye.

The results....pre-mixed dye in the first picture, separate two dye pour in the second picture.

Then I mixed 1 tsp of Hot Pink and 1 tsp of Cerulean Blue in 2 cups water to make purple and poured on snow (left).  I also mix 1 tsp of Hot Pink in 1 cup of water and 1 tsp Cerulean Blue in 1 cup water and poured the two dyes on the snow (right). 

The results....pre-mixed dye in the first picture, separate two dye pour in the second picture (my favorite).

Here they are all together and there is definitely a difference but they all turned out great.  The multi colors in the two dye poured fabrics was expected but it was nice to see the premixed dyes showing some variety as well.  I was surprised to see blue spots in the premixed green dyed fabric and in the premixed purple dyed fabric.

I asked Lori if she had started any snow dyeing and she said they don't have any snow in Dauphin yet.  She is starting to eye the pile of shaved ice, dumped from the Zamboni, behind the town's ice rink!  So if any Dauphin ladies are reading this....if you see Lori with a few pails and shovel behind the ice rink you know what she is up too!  :)

* This is a hint to those that don't have snow and want to try this method....go scope out your local ice rink and see if they dump the ice shavings outside...and bring a pail!*


  1. Very interesting. From the pictures I prefer the separate dyes as the colours seem crisper. I can hardly wait to see these samples in person. Poor Lori---that's what you get living in the south! A

  2. Can't wait to try this someday! We had a pineapple express blow through and all of our snow is trying to melt but rest assured...there is more on the way!I love all the versions you made!

  3. I just love these pieces! What a fun technique. If my husband's orders don't get changed, next summer's PCS will let me try this next winter!

  4. Lovely Kathy....we had just a dusting today but I will try this, I've got all the ingredients ready so all I need is time and snow!

  5. that is the most luscious fabric, I'm drooling.

  6. Very yummy! I like the seperate dyes better as I like the greater variance in colours, but they are both nice.

  7. Gorgeous! What are you planning to do with these fabrics?

    Linda Craig

  8. How funny. I've thought about using ice rink shaving to dye my fabrics. That's when you know you are hooked on snow dyeing.

    Lovely fabrics!

  9. Wow - wonderful - wish I live with some snow :)