Monday, December 12, 2011


I wanted to play with the color orange this weekend as I am going to be dyeing a backing for a client in January and she would like a bright multi colored yellow, orange and red backing. It is a very tricky combination to get without the red taking over and making an orange piece of fabric.  

The fabric on the left is a result of using Bright Yellow and Red mixed separately and then poured over the snow.  There is some yellow and red spots but the fabric mainly reads orange. The fabric on the right has the multi-colours I was going for.  To achieve this combination I added the dye powders right into the bucket of snow, each color had it's own bucket, and then placed the different colored snow on the fabric. This prevented the colors from over mixing and producing an all orange fabric again. I used Bright Yellow, Scarlet and Orange for this one.

I haven't abandoned quilting for snow dyeing, I have my Mystery quilt on the machine right now. I have been working on it for a few days and only a 1/4 done!

I also got my Brownie Points for 'Ice Rink Shoveling' this weekend.   Okay the boys did help but when they started pushing the snow towards the side I was clearing and then I had to shovel that snow too.....well lets just say I appreciated their effort but I earned the badge!  :)

And yes the ice is thick enough to walk can see by the cracks how deep it is.   ;)

And you still have time to enter my giveaway, I'll be making the draw tomorrow morning.


  1. Orange is just gorgeous!!! So rich against the white snow. Wow, that's some ice!!

  2. Wow! It really looks like winter at your place. I wouldn't mind if you shared a bit to make it feel more like Christmas here in Wpg.


  3. Looking forward to seeing your Mystery Quilt that you are spending so much time on.
    I like how you made the red/orange/yellow fabric on the right by mixing it into seperate buckets of snow first. It looks so much more interesting.
    How long did it take you to shovel the ice rink?

  4. lovely colour combiantion - and I have to agree, the one where you actually see the 2 colours on their own and then merging is much nicer then the over all mixture ...
    such a "springy" colour, a nice sight with all the snow