Friday, July 20, 2012


Legoland Florida just recently opened last fall and I was really glad we could take Daniel to a place that was special to him on this trip.  He loves Lego and it is the gift he asks for when his birthday and xmas roll around.  As you can see behind him there were no line ups!   The heat kept people away so we rarely had to wait more than five minutes for any rides, if we had to wait at all.
Legoland was built in the old Cypress Gardens so there was lots of shade and made for a beautiful setting for the park.

When I saw this sign below I thought what a perfect photo opportunity :)

It is hard to believe that a whole theme park could be created around one toy but I think Lego is one of the most brilliant toys ever invented.

We had to check out the Miniland displays a few times as there was so much to see.

Life sized animals all made from Lego.

Kids actually get to drive boats and cars....which can provide a lot of entertainment for the adults! 

Getting ready to hit the shops!

And of coarse a picture with a Lego Minifigure...that's not so mini.


  1. That is super cool!!! They are like works of art!!

  2. I'm not a kid, but even I would enjoy a day of visiting Legoland. The "lost parents" sign is cool....the animals are so neat! A day to remember. Thanks for letting us peek at your pictures, Kathy! C

  3. This kind of parks are so nice. Kids and grown-ups enjoy it. Educational and a lot of fun. Enjoy your holidays.

  4. Looks like you did have a great time!
    Nice photos :o)